Reporting A Crime

If you've been the victim of a crime, report it! We realize in many cases victims and witnesses are reluctant to come forward, but the fact is that if a crime is not reported, it's as if it never happened ... and the criminal is free to commit more crimes, and cause more damage.

It is also important to report crime for your own practical purposes, such as getting an incident report so you can make an insurance claim.

It does not matter what happened or when it happened, all crime is serious. When you report a crime to our office you will be heard. We will listen to your story and investigate the matter. Sometimes, your story alone will be enough. At other times we may need to talk to other people who may have witnessed or been involved in the crime. If we do not have enough information or there are different versions of events, there may not be enough evidence to continue the investigation. However, this does not mean we did not believe your story.

In a criminal matter, the prosecution needs to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the person charged with the crime is guilty. In some cases, when you go to court the accused person will plead guilty and there will be no trial or need to give evidence.

If there are no criminal charges, particularly in the area of family violence, you can still apply for a Protective Order to protect yourself and your family members. This does not require the same process as a criminal trial.

Crime prevention cannot be achieved by the sheriff's office alone. As such, we depend heavily on your assistance in reporting crimes. The following numbers are provided for your use and convenience.

  • Crimes in-progress: 911
  • Information about crimes that have already occurred but have not been reported: 912-427-5970
  • To provide more information for a report you have already made: 912-427-5970