The E-911 Center is responsible for providing the most effective emergency communications service possible. Realizing the response time is critical in emergency situations, the goal of this department is to respond to all emergencies in an expedient and efficient manner. This will provide the best opportunity for protecting life and property. 

911 Your First Voice in an Emergency 


The Wayne County E-911 Center is responsible for Dispatching and Handling Calls for the Jesup Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff Office, Screven Police Department, Wayne County Ambulance Service, Jesup Fire Department, nine County Volunteer Fire Departments, Rescue, DNR and GSP. The E-911 Center is required to answer a total of 18 Telephone Lines, Four 911 Telephone Lines, two Cellular Telephone 911 Lines, two Alarm Telephone Lines, four Jesup Police Department Administrative Telephone Lines, three Wayne County Sheriff Office Telephone Lines and three Administrative Telephone Lines. There are six different Radio Channels to monitor, as well as the day-to-day paper work that is required. 

When to call 911 

  • When you have a true emergency and you need the assistance of the Police, Sheriff, Fire or EMS.
  • If you see a crime in progress
  • To report a Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Anytime when you think life or property is in danger 

What children need to know 

Post the following information near the telephone for a babysitter: 

  • Your home telephone number
  • Your address
  • Your first and last name
  • The phone number of a relative
  • The phone number of a neighbor 

Teach your children the following information: 

  • Their Address
  • Their Telephone Number
  • Their First and Last Name
  • Your First and Last Name 

Ways to help: 

  • Do not call 911 for information. See your telephone directory or use 411 
  • Keep your telephone company informed of any changes in your name and address. 
  • Be sure your house numbers can be seen easily from the street by emergency personnel. Post numbers on both sides of your mailbox. Post a sign with your house number on it at the end of your driveway. 
  • If you dial 911 by mistake, do not hang up. Wait until your call is answered and explain that you misdialed. If you hang up, the Communications Officer will try to reach you. If the Communications Officer is unable to reach you, a law enforcement officer will be sent to your location. 
  • If you are calling from a cellular or wireless phone, your location will not be displayed at the E-911 Center. You will have to give the Communications Officer your exact location. Also, you may find that your call has been answered by a 911 Center in another County give them your information and they will forward it to the proper authority. 

Criminal Histories

A Criminal History can be obtained at the Wayne County E 911 Center, located at 155 North Wayne St, at a cost of $20.00. Always use 911 for emergencies, but email us with any questions you have and we'll be happy to answer them right away!