Get Involved

In today’s fast-paced communication age, the ability of each of us to contribute to our own well-being and increase safety in our county is ever-growing. While we will always be the gatekeepers of the law, technology has allowed us several tools to collaborate and help solve more crimes. As residents of our county, its towns and cities, it’s everyone’s responsibility to speak up.

When you witness a crime or feel you may have important information for our agency, there are several actions you may take to contact us. This section of our website is designed to make it easier for you to get involved in keeping our county safe by reporting suspicious activities online, even anonymously, using our Confidential Crime Tip and Confidential Drug Tip tools.

By working together, the Sheriff's Office and the community can reduce the fear and incidence of crime and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods countywide. In this effort, the community and the Sheriff's Office work as partners to identify and prioritize problems of crime and disorder and work together to resolve these issues.

It is our goal to create a partnership between the Sheriff's Office and the community so we can all share responsibility for identifying, reducing, eliminating and preventing problems that impact community safety and order.