UPDATED MARCH 27, 2020, AT 2:40 PM


Driver's License/ID Extensions Granted through June 30, 2020

The GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) emergency operations plan during this public health crisis includes a 120-day extension for many Georgians with a driver's license and/or ID Card nearing expiration. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DETAILS OF THIS EXTENSION




During my 36 years at the Sheriff’s Office there has never been a more challenging time than the pandemic crisis we are currently facing. We have many constitutional, statutory and common law requirements we must provide in spite of restrictions imposed by the COVID- 19 virus. I work with the finest men and women in law enforcement and they are dedicated to serving the citizens of Wayne County.

The Sheriff’s Office staff has worked tirelessly to procure resources, expertise and education to ensure we protect the public and our coworkers. During this time, we will avoid as much contact as possible and will be cutting or minimizing many of the services we currently provide. We are working with all our local partners in the city and county government, our health care system, public safety personnel as well as our state senator and representatives and all state agencies involved in trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are in a critical situation that has adversely affected all our lives and unfortunately it will continue. As your Sheriff I do not believe there has ever been a greater need for prayer than the hour before us. Please pray for an end to the harm and devastation this virus is causing. We will continue to update you as information comes available. May god bless you and keep us.